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Firemat - Ecointer - Industrie prodotti refrattari

Leader in casted and extruded refractories

FIREMAT ECOINTER is a new unit of ALDERO’S Group. FIREMAT ECOINTER is the results of the joint venture between FIREMAT and ECOINTER, both leaders in the industrial refractory sector. FIREMAT ECOINTER is the only European company to produce refractory materials in both technologies, casting and extrusion, two manufacturing processes which can guarantee high quality products.

• Wide range of refractory products for the construction of industrial kilns, kiln cars, firing equipment and refractory products for the food sector.
• A technical team, with a vast experience and expertise, who can provide tailored solutions for every need.
• The mission: to combine a traditional material with the modern standards of quality and sustainability.


Innovating the ancient roots

FIREMAT has its roots in Laveno, the cradle of the refractory tradition. The knowledge of artistic, hygienic, technical and refractory ceramics has been passed down from generation to generation. FIREMAT was founded in 1856, nowadays it has its headquarters in Leggiuno, in the province of Varese, where it still produces refractory products for casting..

ECOINTER was founded in 1980, it has its headquarters in San Bernardino Verbano, in the hills above Lake Maggiore. At its origin it was a subcontractor for refractory linings for industrial kilns. Later, thanks to its ability to combine innovation, quality, experience and constant research,
ECOINTER developed a strong position in the national and international market.

prodotti refrattari


A specific manufacturing process for any application

FIREMAT ECOINTER produces refractory items using the manufacturing processes of extrusion and casting. Both methods allow us to obtain items of different shapes to guarantee high mechanical strength and heat resistance.


Raw materials and water are mixed in a slip which is used to be casted in plaster molds.Plaster absorbs water from the slip to give out the “green product” which has to be dried and fired.
This manufacturing process is ideal to create items with complex geometric shapes and with undercuts.

Processo di trafilatura


Raw materials are mixed in a plastic mixture which can be extruted. The products takes its final shape after passing through specific molds.
This manufacturing process is ideal for firing slabs, columns and items with a regular geometric shape.

Processo di trafilatura di articoli refrattari

Innovation, quality and sustainability

Qualità Firemat Ecointer

Entirely produced in Italy, finest raw materials, modern machinery and accurate production process controls to guarantee high quality products.

Sostenibilità Firemat Ecointer

The high mechanical resistance mixtures can reduce the refractory firing mass in the kilns so that the environmental impact is reduced.

Innovazione Firemat Ecointer

Investments in Research and Development to get new shapes and better performing mixture to improve the firing process.

Servizio Firemat Ecointer

Our technical support service is available to suggest tailor-made solutions and to provide after-sale support.